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Recourse and non recourse factoring

Non-recourse | We take the credist risk of you customers Which protects you from credit losses. Recourse | You are responsible for payment, regardless of whether your customers pays or not

Fuel card program

Get great Fuel Discounts at truck stops nationwide with our Fuel Card Program.


Receive up to 50% of your load within minutes of pick-up at a cost that most brokers can't beat.

Free Online credit checks

Once you become our client you will receive account information so you can make sure your customers account is factorable

Factor your way with Factor Plus

When you work with Factor Plus you will have the flexibility to pick your payment program according to your business needs;

Getting up to 97.5% cash for your freight bills.

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What is Factoring?

Factoring is an agreement between a specialized financial services company (Factor) and his client where the Factor purchases the client’s accounts receivables for immediate cash and assumes the responsibility for credit and collection, protecting the client from credit losses.

Obtain Immediate cash flow

With Factoring you will receive immediate payment on your invoices!

Reduce customer’s credit risk & losses

With Factoring you will reduce costs associated with bad client credit!

Working capital when you need it

Choose which Invoices you want to Factor depending on your cash flow needs.

Reduce Collection Costs

Let the Factor handle your collections at a reduced cost so you can concentrate your efforts on growing your business needs.
With Factoring, companies can unlock funds tled down as receivables and turn them i into cash. It is a fast and fexible way to generate the cash flow necessary to flow your bussiness.

Focus your efforts
________on your loads

Let us worry about your cashflow nedds

Specialized service both domestic and abroad


Customers stories


what our clients say about us:

Factor Plus understands the cash flow demands truckers face and gets you immediate funds you need for your transportation business.

Factor Plus is eager to help you with an array of Financial Services. Any doubts? Contact us and we’ll take care of you.


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