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Recourse and non recourse factoring

Non - Recourse factoring

With our non-recourse factoring program, we factor our Clients’ invoices and assume 100% of  the risk of credit.  This protects the trucking company from the effects of bad debt, which gives them the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing unpaid invoices are not going to damage their business’s cash flow requirements.

This program serves trucking companies of all sizes, but it is best suited for smaller fleets and single owner-operators.

Recourse factoring

One of the many services Factor Plus offers is a recourse program. This program gives our clients free rein over their account and total transparency.

In our Recourse programs clients have the ability to book loads with brokers and shippers who would normally not meet the credit criteria in the non-recourse arena.

Clients enrolled in recourse get a discounted rate and a reserve account which is released once outstanding invoices are paid.

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