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Our Fuel Card Saves you Money!

About 40% of your expenses is Fuel.
Factor Plus Understands that Fuel Prices are unpredictable Managing and Contolling your Fuel expenses is an essential element to ptimize your resources and manage your Business.

Our Fuel card offers you great benefits

Fuel card partners

TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®

A leading full-service travel center company in the United States.

Ambest® Fuel Stops

A network of independently owned and operated truck stops and service centers.


Speedway is proud of their success at meeting the fueling and convenience needs of over two million customers every day.

Fuel City

A leading convenience store and travel center.

Kwik Trip

From the start, we’ve focused on doing right by our guests and our community. We are committed to producing high quality products and services at a superior value.

Petroleum Wholesale

A full service petroleum company offering retail branded and wholesale gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel.

Road Ranger

The travel center that delivers the best value for your money.


Their mission is to preserve, improve and strengthen the hometown truck stop experience.

Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

The travel center with over 45 years of legendary customer service.